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Excuse Me, Are You Jesus?

Since 2012, this concept music video has been seen by over two hundred thousand viewers online and in concert, and it has also been performed as a part of the Bill Gaither Homecoming Series. We’re very grateful to have partnered with The Nelons to create the piece.


For this ultra-low budget project we were able to capture what we needed at a regional airport willing to provide access to the tarmac, main entry, and a recently vacated terminal. Additionally, it was nice to have some willing friends ready to hang out for a few hours as extras. Kathleen “Bo” Bobak on IMDb (Minority Report, Titanic) proved her prowess throughout the 3-day shoot, working as the AD, alongside Don Schaffer, Director. 

“Bo kept each shoot day moving along and wrangled everyone masterfully.”


Everyone worked well together, finishing up on-schedule and on-budget.


Shooting location: St. Augustine, Florida


Awards: 2013 People’s Silver Telly Award

See IMDb for cast and crew: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4500886/



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